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Sat Dec 7 @ 11 am 
During the holiday season, our focus is on our families, our friends, traditions, and gift giving, and it can create a lot of pressure and stress. Learning the Danish concept of “hygge” can help you find space for yourself as an individual amidst the noise of the holidays and can help you balance if you feel the shadowy darkness that comes with the holiday season for many people.  
Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish concept cannot be translated to one single word. It encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. What freedom is to Americans. . . hygge is to Danes. Hygge is in part of a thoughtful process “bringing light and balance” during a time of year where all of Scandinavia is in almost constant darkness. The ritual of things that feel and smell good, cozy blankets and pillows, warm beverages, and the soft light of candles help to balance the neurological system when it’s dark outside. 
Courtney has been practicing “hygge” all of her adult life and she teaches it to others in honor of her family heritage and in the hope that it will help people feel a sense of balance during times of chaos.  She will explain the neuroscience of stress and teach us how to use sight, smell, sound, and touch to feel the balancing warmth of hygge through the holidays and into the new year.
Join us in welcoming Courtney for a special event that helps you learn how to Hygge your Home for the Holidays. Dress comfortably and bring your own pillow, floor bolster, and/or blanket to feel “cozy” during the session.
$5 registration fee because space is limited to 25 participants.  
About Sloane Marley
Sloane Marley was founded on the principle of creating ritual around self-care and self-soothing using clean, plant-based products. All of the names of the Sloane Marley products are Scandinavian words in homage to Founder Courtney Feider’s Swedish and Danish family heritage.

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